MusicCityNashville: Cimarron615 at the Five Spot

” City of Angels was the final track recorded for the album and it seems to be this incarnation’s GFTK as it tells the story of the band with an upbeat pulse and similar chord arrangement to the POCO classic. But, before they make it back to Los Angeles the first stop on their comeback run will find the guys participating in this year’s SXSW in Austin. That should be heavenly.”

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The Alternate Root: Rusty Young’s “My Friend”

“…given the contributions of Bill Lloyd and two of Rusty Young’s colleagues in the last Poco incarnation, bassist/vocalist Jack Sundred and keyboardist Michael Webb, a continuum is maintained. All three play a role in Cimarron 615, a band that appears destined to somehow carry on under the Poco banner. So, while the performances are generally on target, the reminiscing and reflecting shared by the participants in the liner notes adds both credence and context.”

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MusicCityNashville: Cimarron 615 is Pickin’ Up The Pieces

“It was the new songs however, co-written by Hampton that proved the new guy to be a real ringer. “Try Again” and “Between the Bitter and the Sweet” were both top-shelf compositions that could go to the top of the charts. Where was this guy when the band was in their nearly constant and desperate pursuit of a “hit” throughout the 70’s?”

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GratefulWeb: Album celebrates songs of late Poco founder

“The goal of the tribute album is to celebrate and highlight the amazing songwriting of American treasure, Rusty Young. Plans for a tribute album were already underway before Young suddenly passed away on April 14, 2021. Unfortunately, Young was never able to hear the renditions of his iconic songs that were recorded by this talented group of artists; however, the label is sure that Young would have approved. As Kirk Pasich, Blue Élan founder and the album’s producer comments in the album’s liner notes, “Beginning in 2017, Rusty was, in many ways, the heart and soul of our label.”

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AntiMusic on “Rough Edges”

 “After meeting Rusty through Vince Gill back in 1989, Radney Foster and I jumped at the opportunity to co-write some songs with Rusty. The news that there would be a Poco reunion with Rusty, Richie Furay, Jim Messina, Randy Meisner, and George Grantham was exciting.

“Rusty had the ‘Rough Edges’ guitar riff already when we sat down to write and it all came together in short order. Really fun and rocking. I remember how pumped we were when he told us Randy Meisner would take the vocal on that.”

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